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SPRING:  While the weather is cool and the rains are consistent it is a good time to transplant and divide perennials. Fertilize annual plantings Memorial Day.

SUMMER:  While the weather is hot and the rains are sparse it is important to water regularly and deeply.  1” of deep watering a week for all annual plantings.  Fertilize annual plantings around 4th of July.

FALL: With  the weather cooling off and rains increasing it is good time to re-seed bare spots of lawn area.  Labor Day is another opportunity to fertilize annuals for good fall performance.  Cool weather annuals like petunias will rejuvenate naturally along with Snapdragons, and Calendula.

WINTER: Important to empty out all summer containers to protect pots from frost cracking. Time to winterize roses by cutting down to 6” of height and mounding with compost.

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